Another beautiful weekend in Warsaw

>> duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

I enjoy my voluntary work here at Helenow, also the weekends, when I am continuing to discover the capital of Chopin. Yesterday I and my colleagues were asked to help some teachers to take the kids in the wheelchair from the Internat to the city center, to visit some beautiful places and do some shopping. I accepted to get through this experience, which made me see the reality with other eyes. I have never thought that it requires so much energy and attention to walk with the wheelchair in the city. Even some buildings and roads don’t have special infrastructure for this issue. If it was difficult for me to carry the wheelchair on those horrible roads then for a disabled person waking alone it might be very problematic. Fortunately, this problem didn’t affect the children’s good disposition. They were very happy and enthusiastic because not every day they have the opportunity to go out. The greatest adventure was in the public transport, it was even better than in the rollercoaster (we had to keep the wheelchairs very strong not to fly in the bus). I liked this day, due to its good life lesson and social integration for the children.
On the other day (on Sunday) I and Diana planned to go to visit the old part of the Warsaw, but Zoran (the Serbian guy) invited us to an extraordinary African music concert performed by the
Polish-Senegalese band Tam czyli Tu, at the Południk Zero. So we postponed our trip for later and we directed to the concert place. When we arrived, the concert had already begun. We chose a comfortable place to sit and listen to the music. I enjoyed so much the drums sound; I was really feeling in the middle of the jungle, very relaxed. The songs were performed in an original way, and the atmosphere from the room was enigmatic: on the tables were bottles with candles, the room was arranged to look as an African village. There time flied very quickly… I still have in my head those beautiful African drums rhythms.

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