"Siła Komunikacji" at Helenów

>> sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2011

Today, at Helenów, day seemed to have a special dress from the very beginning: everyone (students, teachers, workers, etc.) was feeling happy and emotional; in the air I could feel the odor of a holiday. Here everybody was preparing for a great event, specific only for this school that coincided with the Day of Education in Poland. The activity started at 10 in the morning being opened by the national anthem; everyone stood up and sang the anthem. In the following moments there were performed many songs and a theatre play (Little Red Riding Hood by Charle Perrault); also kids recited some poetries and danced. The atmosphere was really amazing…
Some thoughts about this event …
MICHAŁ - the responsible person for EVS volunteers at Helenów  – said:
“This event is organized always in this period of time, but the dates differ from year to year. During this activity, the new students are welcomed in the school, gymnasium and high school; and they have a little task to prepare some cultural and entertainment activities for the guests.  After the official activity students that registered the best school performance for the last year were given diploma and a bunch of applauses; also, the director of the school, gave some incentives for the teachers that accumulated the best results in the previous school year. Regarding the preparation for this special day, it took around a month, especially the work for the Alternative Communication Group”.
KAROL – student in the 1st class, High School – affirmed:
“I had to read poetry… I had some big emotions during the performance, but I liked to be there very much. It didn’t take so much time for me to prepare for this day. I would involve again in any activity in the framework of the school”.
KLAUDIA - student in the 2d class, Gymnasium – spoke:
“I had a big role here; I should keep the national flag in front of the audience at the beginning of the festivity and during the anthem.  It was a great honor for me to do this. How did I feel? Hmm… a little bit stressed, because I wanted to do how we repeated before, without mistakes. In the end everything was just very good and I felt wonderful. I would participate more at such events”.
KASIA - student in the 3d class, Gymnasium – said:
“I liked very much this day, it was one of the moments that gathered us together. I had big emotions while reciting the poetry in front of the guests, but it passed very quickly due to my teachers and friends. Here I felt very good, comfortable and it was really funny for me. I want to be involved here again in the next year”.

Today it was really a nice morning; everyone had a specific role in organizing this festivity. Because this event also coincided with the Teacher’s day in Poland, every Teacher received from their students a self made flower or heart/ a greeting card to show respect, care and many thanks for their support. I personally enjoyed being there J.

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