Silent night, holy night...

>> joi, 29 decembrie 2011

After  weeks  full of work, responsibilities and concerns, Christmas becomes like a fresh sweet shower that has the main aim to fulfill our souls with positive energy, hope, love, trust and the power to go further, knowing that we have good support at every step (people that love and care about us). The beauty of this holiday is that it manages to gather families all together: members of the family that we haven`t seen for a long time, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  that makes us better, and more empathetic as well. 

This year, I decided to experience my first Christmas away from home, inside a wonderful Polish family from Warsaw, near whom I felt the power of love, solidarity and local Christmas traditions. I was very happy and touched when my friend Hanka invited me to spend this saint holiday with them (this happened some weeks before Christmas). At the beginning I thought that I would probably feel like an intruder” during the evening (because I didn’t know all her family members, I had met only her mother once), but my friend’s family behaved with me as if I had been their member for a long time, I felt so comfortable and positive (especially when I spoke with the Hanka’s grandmothers, a fact that increased my hankering after my own grandparents and so I called them laterJ).

They put a lot of soul and passion in preparing the house and the table for this special event: there was a nicely decorated Christmas tree (with sweetsJ), there you could hear beautiful carols and smell good food.

Regarding their Christmas food I can say that we ate in that evening a lot, they had so many types of food like: barszcz z uszkami (a traditional red soup), bigos (cabbage and mushrooms), pierogi z grzybami i kapustą, filety z dorsza (cod fillets), śledź w oleju (herring in oil), szprotki (a kind of fish), sałatka warzywna (salad from vegetables), kompot z suszu (boiled fruits with water);  for sweets they prepared: makowiec, sernik, piernik, rafaello, pierniczki. I also prepared a Moldavian traditional food for Christmas – sarmale – 
J (it gave me lots of troubles, but in the end I managed to cook it).

This holy evening had many good surprises for everyone of us. You could feel the delight from far away, everyone was happy (even their cat and dog). Of course, I missed my family a lot in those moments, but I didn’t regret at all that I decided to taste this year from the Christmas Polish culture.  
PS: Thank you very much Louis Phillippe.


Polish Evening in Warsaw

>> marți, 20 decembrie 2011

It’s amazing how the winter holidays arrival can make people happier, more empathic, creative and full of good energy with the will to endow the light of hope in others hearts and minds. Last week, on Saturday, I met two of these energetic persons (who managed to spread their good mood and enthusiasm) - Justyna Frydrych and Kamil Rzepecki. They implemented a small but very nice project with the name “Lately Polish your Polish”, having as beneficiaries current and past EVS volunteers from abroad and from Poland (one of those lucky persons was MEJ). The aim of this project was to gather present and past volunteers who are working/ have worked in Poland and create for them good conditions to share some practices and knowledge; also to let them taste from the Polish culture once again.

The activity took part inside a nice peaceful place, but one that was quite well hidden through the buildings, not far from the metro station Gdansk, in Warsaw, of course. It took some time to find it, even for Sergiu Brovinski - the best “map specialist”:P. Although most of the invited persons got a bit lost, in the end, all of them arrived safely at the destination point – Herba Thea (I was asking in the street about this place, and the people thought that I was trying to buy some tea and I was searching for a supermarket

At this event I met with volunteers that I`d already known before, having met them during some other activities, also I met new friends nearby with whom I had enjoyed the whole evening.

One of the most interesting parts, that I liked the most, was the fascinating performance of the Warsaw School of Economics folk group. It was really great! They were dressed in a Polish traditional outfit, singing and dancing some works from their traditions; and also they involved all of us in their program. I liked a lot dancing in a “Polish way”. After the performance we savoured a traditional Polish meal with “barszcz” and “pierogi” and had a long talk, then after that, we went out clubbingJ.

That evening was great; it represented the beginning of a new period full of nice surprises and the start of a good news week.

PS: Special thanks for Phillippe Louis from UK :)


A beautiful example discovered during the Young Citizen's Assembly

>> marți, 13 decembrie 2011

In the period 7-11 December (this year), in Brussels, inside the Hotel of Waterman, took place the Young Citizen's Assembly that gathered more than 40 active youth from all over the world. This activity was organized by the Bureau International Jeunesse and DG Education and Culture of the European Commission, program “Youth in Action” (National Agency). This activity allowed me to meet many interesting youth (with whom we shared our experience from our working fields); to discuss more on the “human rights” issue in a creative way; to rediscover the Belgium food and drinks; to speak in the same time French, English, Russian, Romanian and Polish :P.

Hela :)
One of the wonderful youth that I met there is Hela Ben Salem from Tunisia with whom I had a talk about her experience and successes in the organization where she works.

Hela, as a Law student and an activist, stressed the importance of being active and involved in as many social networks as possible a fact that will allow to all the Tunisian citizens to live in a democratic society. She would like to build a career in the social field, to be active and useful for her country. So far, Hela is a member of some feminist and youth organizations; as well being a member of the national youth committee and of the Tunisian association of ONU (recently created ).

After the Tunisian uprising, a lot of organizations have appeared (representing the civil society) that are helping Tunisia to be more democratic. Their aim is to sensitize the youth and integrate them in many social networks (to make them active). Although the civil society has other roles, one of them is to represent the link between the citizen of the country and the government. Now Tunisians have the possibility to make their voice be heard without putting their lives in danger.

Recently, Hela has been involved in a big project regarding women`s empowerment in politics. The project aim was to encourage the participation of the women in the political field. Before the project implementation there was a big gap regarding the rapport of the women and men’s participation in politics. The most important steps for achieving the aim of this project were to discuss (before the elections) with the Tunisian Parties to integrate women in their election lists on the electable places. It was not that simple. They had to put some pressure on the national parties, and make obligatory the presence of women within the government. One of the positive results of this project is that after the elections women represented 24% of the government. Of course, this percentage is very low; but they will struggle till they (will) reach the 50/50. It will take a lot of time of course to change the human’s mentality regarding the involvement of the women in politics.

At present, Hela’s organization objective is to sensitize all the women to participate as candidate at the future elections, to be powerful, to make a career of it, etc.

Hela is very happy to say that after the implementation of their project, the women became more interested and active in the public field; they fight with courage for their rights, they think that the public field is also important to be represented by the women. She said me that the women’s situation in Tunisia is better than that of other Muslim countries. Tunisians have already prohibited the polygamy; there the gender discrimination is less now. Of course, other good results will come with time.

Concerning the future of her country, my friend is sure that they will not
go back to a dictator regime, the civil society being very vigilant for reaching the democracy in every field. During their history they didn’t have a good democratic situation being colonized by other world big powers; so this is a good chance to start to live on their own. For her, the future seems to be just brilliant.

As I 
have said so many times that with such active and peaceful young people, our life on this earth will improve day by day. It is only a matter of time and to trust in a better life…


The art therapy class at Helenow

>> vineri, 2 decembrie 2011

It’s amazing how some specific activities can change one’s life for the better, especially when it is about something desired and understood by the subjects.  Some of these activities happen to have a kind of therapeutic influence on the humans’ lifestyle, personality, thinking, etc. that`s why,with time,they received the name of "therapy". As I have mentioned in my previous posts, there are many types of therapies and today I chose to speak about the art therapy, which represents the focus on the psychotherapeutic transference process between the therapist and the person who makes art. At Helenow the art therapy is very much loved by students, not only because they have the chance to create and communicate something through their works, but also due to the contact with the most energetic, open minded, lovely, friendly and professional therapist – Liliana Zalewska – with whom I am going to talk further to this article.

Me: Since when have you worked at Helenow as an art therapist?
Liliana: I started my work inside of the Helenow Rehabilitation Center in 2008, but as an art therapist I have worked since this September.

Me: Of what consists the art therapy activity organized by you?
Liliana: During the art therapy children are doing different kinds of activities that help them to exercise their hands muscles such as: drawing, painting, building, breaking, cutting, etc. Students also create objects of different forms, showing up their creativity. When the class ends we have very nice works the children are proud of. Every class has a specific theme of activity that invites the students to explore new topics, new styles of art, pleasure and fun.

Me: what are the advantages of this therapy?
Liliana: First of all, during this activity we are creating good conditions for a better communication between child and therapist. This activity helps our beneficiaries to process their emotions and feelings, to take a decision, to improve various mental and physical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension.  Students are exercising their hands, and they practice their ability to catch. Also they can easily differentiate the colours, the shapes, the materials from what they create. And why not, they have a lot of fun during the lesson.

Me: How many students are typically coming to each session?
Liliana: Depends on the day, but in general, the art therapy activity is attended by 4-8 students.

Me: What are the final works done by children at this activity?
Liliana: They are creating postcards for holidays (for Christmas, Easter), flowers, frames for pictures, animals, original boxes, jewelries, angels, Christmas trees, different objects (for contests).At present they are creating some works for our sponsors who are helping our centre.

Me: What are your wishes for the readers for the coming saint holidays?
Liliana: I wish that all you have peace in your souls; that your smiling never ends, a lot of patience, and everything you wish to come true. Also I wish you have enough snow to make possible the coming of Santa ClausJ.

Me: Thank you very much!


Discovering Wroclaw

>> vineri, 18 noiembrie 2011

After I read and heard such positive words and stories about Wroclaw - the city with the most beautiful architecture from the entire country of Poland - I decided to join my friends in order to explore its fascinating belongings.

My trip began last week, on Friday when I took the Polski Bus around 8 AM. It was very cold outside, and I had to wait almost one hour to enter the bus and be ready for the departure. When I reached my place I was really pleasantly surprised. It was too comfortable for the price I paid for the ticketJ; if my eyes were closed I could have been sure that I am in the plane (I heard the same welcoming from the on board voice that you usually hear while flyingJ). After 7 very long hours, my friends and I arrived at the destination point, accompanied by our huge luggage.
We settled in a very nice youth hostel situated near the city center, at our friends from Wroclaw; they were very welcoming being also our best guides during our stay there (especially Andy from England).
On the first day I didn’t manage to do so many things, because I arrived in the evening, but I managed to attend one of the most dangerous manifestations that are taking place every year during the national day of Poland, in every big city. I went there ruled by curiosity; I really didn’t know that it would be so violent. All around you could see fires flying in the sky and going down in the flock and a big number of policemen. It was horrible, but I could feel the adrenaline running in my veins…
On the next day I, Diana, Marie and our unpaid “guide” Andy started to explore the beauty and mystery of Wroclaw. We visited many interesting touristic points such as: Rynek (Market Square), the Solny Square, the Cathedral Island, the University of Wroclaw, the covered market, the National Museum, and a lot of beautiful churches. On Sunday I and Diana also visited the Hala Ludowa (Centenary or Centennial Hall), the Japanese Botanical Garden and, of course… we had some shopping time :P (our passion J ).
Besides the city discovery, I also experienced once again some more traditional Polish food and, finally, hot bear in some nice places recommended by our local friends.
I really don’t have any regrets that I had with this trip: I met new interesting people, I experienced new positive feelings. I enjoyed it hugely… but… in the end, I missed my life back in Warsaw J.


About Hippotherapy

>> luni, 7 noiembrie 2011

As I mentioned in the previous article, here at Helenów, during the week are in progress many types of therapies (where the students are attending with regularity) as: arttherapy, musictherapy, kinetotherapy, hippotherapy, hidrotherapy, etc. Today I would like to speak about the therapy through horses (hippotherapy). For getting more information about this topic I had a nice conversation with the physiotherapist Dorota Brzeska, from the Helenów.

According to Dorota’s knowledge the first experiences of the hippotherapy at Helenów started in April 2003, following the idea of the physiotherapist Agnieszka Kozlowska and that of the manager of the institution – Zbigniew Przgrowski in cooperation with the master of the Polish Hippotherapy Association - Anna Struminska. After discovering this great plan the next step was to search someone who would have practice in working with horses, so they found Dorota as the first Helenów hippotherapist. Afterwards, there was purchased the first horse (Kindzał) from the Polish Hippotherapy Association that started to work with the students from Helenów in June 2003. During the summer holidays Dorota purchased the second horse, Mała Mi, a beautiful mare, that started to work, along with Kindzał, in September 2003. This activity subscribed a magnificent success; many kids were interested in hippotherapy activity, this fact leading to be acquired more horses like: Irys and Jaremcza, in the same year; and after 3 years – Koral and Las Vegas.
Dorota informed me about the role of this kind of therapy as well. First of all she mentioned that due to the great horse-human connection this therapy is a very fascinating way to exercise the body, especially that of the students with physical disabilities. This practice is considered to be very interesting because during the sessions there is a continuous cooperation between the students and animals. At the beginning of their activity pupils seem to be afraid to be close to the horses, but this emotion disappears very fast; after some regular contacts, they become brave and more relaxed.
I also felt this human-horse connection after riding (for the first time in my life) and taking care of the horses. It is spectacular to see how intelligent can be these animals. If they want they can easily make you feel loved and desired, or if they have some doubts about you they can let you try to win their trust.


My host organization in Warsaw

>> duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Some words about the host organization wherein I am volunteering…

It is a complex of institutions providing education, treatment and welfare for children, youth and adults. The scope of the host organization activities includes the support and rehabilitation of disabled people at different ages as well as the training of specialists to work with disabled and socially excluded people. The Centre specializes in treatment of children with Central Nervous System dysfunctions and cerebral palsy among them.
The organization is situated in Miedzylesie, which is a quiet suburban district in Warsaw. Location in mostly residential area with forest just behind the fence and convenient communication with the city centre makes it a very attractive and comfortable place to live.
The Centre consists of the following institutions:
- Special Education and Treatment Centre of the Society of Children’s Friends (Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczo-Rehabilitacyjny TPD);
- Specialist After School Centre of the Society of Children’s Friends (Pozaszkolna Placowka Specjalistyczna TPD);
- Autonomous Special Secondary School of the Society of Children’s Friends (Niepubliczne Liceum Ogolnokszta TPD);
- Autonomous Health Care Centre (Niepubliczny Zaklad Opieki Zdrowotnej);
- Prevention and Developmental Support Centre (Pracownia Profilaktyki i Wspomagania Rozwoju);
- Group of Public Special Schools (Zespo Szko Specjalnych);
- Graduate Club (Klub Absolwenta).
All units of the Centre cooperate very closely and support each other to provide complex care to children and young people under its charge. Currently in the framework of the host organization there are about 130 pupils and 34 technical workers. All staff members are adequately educated and experienced.
In present this organization hosts 4 volunteers (2 from Moldova, 1 from Portugal, and 1 from Germany). The work of the volunteers is divided in many sectors in order to be given the possibility to the volunteers to experience their work in all the departments existing in this area like: hippotherapy, graduate club, PPS and different kind of therapies. Till now, after some small discrepancies,  there were made some proper changes in the volunteers’ working schedule, everyone having now, more or less, a desired place and program of working.
What I like the most here is the wonderful relation between me and the students and teachers. Everyone is open-minded, all the time ready to help me and share experience and good disposition. My students are my best Polish teachers, everyday teaching me how to pronounce correctly some words, some phrases in Polish, demonstrating a great patience towards my language mistakesJ. Now, after 2 months, due to them, I can understand pretty well Polish, and I even can speak being understood. My heart is full of positive emotions when I am doing my voluntary work in the framework of this organization.


"Siła Komunikacji" at Helenów

>> sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2011

Today, at Helenów, day seemed to have a special dress from the very beginning: everyone (students, teachers, workers, etc.) was feeling happy and emotional; in the air I could feel the odor of a holiday. Here everybody was preparing for a great event, specific only for this school that coincided with the Day of Education in Poland. The activity started at 10 in the morning being opened by the national anthem; everyone stood up and sang the anthem. In the following moments there were performed many songs and a theatre play (Little Red Riding Hood by Charle Perrault); also kids recited some poetries and danced. The atmosphere was really amazing…
Some thoughts about this event …
MICHAŁ - the responsible person for EVS volunteers at Helenów  – said:
“This event is organized always in this period of time, but the dates differ from year to year. During this activity, the new students are welcomed in the school, gymnasium and high school; and they have a little task to prepare some cultural and entertainment activities for the guests.  After the official activity students that registered the best school performance for the last year were given diploma and a bunch of applauses; also, the director of the school, gave some incentives for the teachers that accumulated the best results in the previous school year. Regarding the preparation for this special day, it took around a month, especially the work for the Alternative Communication Group”.
KAROL – student in the 1st class, High School – affirmed:
“I had to read poetry… I had some big emotions during the performance, but I liked to be there very much. It didn’t take so much time for me to prepare for this day. I would involve again in any activity in the framework of the school”.
KLAUDIA - student in the 2d class, Gymnasium – spoke:
“I had a big role here; I should keep the national flag in front of the audience at the beginning of the festivity and during the anthem.  It was a great honor for me to do this. How did I feel? Hmm… a little bit stressed, because I wanted to do how we repeated before, without mistakes. In the end everything was just very good and I felt wonderful. I would participate more at such events”.
KASIA - student in the 3d class, Gymnasium – said:
“I liked very much this day, it was one of the moments that gathered us together. I had big emotions while reciting the poetry in front of the guests, but it passed very quickly due to my teachers and friends. Here I felt very good, comfortable and it was really funny for me. I want to be involved here again in the next year”.

Today it was really a nice morning; everyone had a specific role in organizing this festivity. Because this event also coincided with the Teacher’s day in Poland, every Teacher received from their students a self made flower or heart/ a greeting card to show respect, care and many thanks for their support. I personally enjoyed being there J.


On-arriving training

>> marți, 11 octombrie 2011

Last week was one of the best since I’ve been here in Warsaw due to my participation to the on-arrival training, in the framework of my EVS project. Before going there I heard only good thoughts about this training, so I set myself on huge expectations, which in the end, happen to become true. The on-arrival training took place in a cozy and friendly location named “Agricola”, situated very close to the city center (Warsaw) and other important touristic points like the Łazienki Park (where there are many cultural and traditional traces), the National Stadium, one of the Botanic Gardens, etc.
For this training, the Polish National Agency invited 20 international volunteers from Armenia, Turkey, Moldova, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Georgia, Belgium, Indonesia, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia and Russia, working in different projects in Poland. Therefore the present youth brought with them experience to share and good disposition. During the training activities the two wonderful trainers Wojtek and Tomek underlined some subjects important for the EVS project (health insurance, how the EVS project is working, etc.) using different interesting methods that made me enjoy the process of learning; one of them was the task to create our own so called “website” where we had to show all about our project in which we are involved at present. In the end we could see, clearly and shortly information about all the projects of the present youth.
Regarding the free time I can say that it was simply awesome. Me and my colleagues visited lots of cultural, beautiful and interesting places. I discovered again the night life in Warsaw and we had fun.
At the end of the training the organizers tried to surprise us (and they managed). They organized for us a final dinner, at a big table, with a great traditional live and interactive music, dance, songs. I felt really good, and I liked very much this surprise.
Now I am looking forward to meeting my friends somehow, somewhere again.


Another beautiful weekend in Warsaw

>> duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

I enjoy my voluntary work here at Helenow, also the weekends, when I am continuing to discover the capital of Chopin. Yesterday I and my colleagues were asked to help some teachers to take the kids in the wheelchair from the Internat to the city center, to visit some beautiful places and do some shopping. I accepted to get through this experience, which made me see the reality with other eyes. I have never thought that it requires so much energy and attention to walk with the wheelchair in the city. Even some buildings and roads don’t have special infrastructure for this issue. If it was difficult for me to carry the wheelchair on those horrible roads then for a disabled person waking alone it might be very problematic. Fortunately, this problem didn’t affect the children’s good disposition. They were very happy and enthusiastic because not every day they have the opportunity to go out. The greatest adventure was in the public transport, it was even better than in the rollercoaster (we had to keep the wheelchairs very strong not to fly in the bus). I liked this day, due to its good life lesson and social integration for the children.
On the other day (on Sunday) I and Diana planned to go to visit the old part of the Warsaw, but Zoran (the Serbian guy) invited us to an extraordinary African music concert performed by the
Polish-Senegalese band Tam czyli Tu, at the Południk Zero. So we postponed our trip for later and we directed to the concert place. When we arrived, the concert had already begun. We chose a comfortable place to sit and listen to the music. I enjoyed so much the drums sound; I was really feeling in the middle of the jungle, very relaxed. The songs were performed in an original way, and the atmosphere from the room was enigmatic: on the tables were bottles with candles, the room was arranged to look as an African village. There time flied very quickly… I still have in my head those beautiful African drums rhythms.


The Day of Languages

>> marți, 27 septembrie 2011

Today I had a crazy but fascinating day. I had to get up early in the morning to arrive in time at the university because I had to participate at the European Day of Languages.  I almost ran till the bus station, because I had all the chances to lose my bus from 7.30h. At the university I attended the Romanian class; I met there a very talented Romanian professor that performed a wonderful class having as students persons away from Warsaw.  They were taught how to communicate the basic Romanian; the lesson was really helpful, distractive and interactive. At the second class I experienced a little bit of the Portuguese accent and culture; I learned how to say my name, what I like/dislike and many other stuffs. The Portuguese teacher spread around her a lot of positive energy and joy. After this event I enjoyed the free time with my friends (Diana, Sergiu and Alberto) by exploring the stands where we found a lot of information regarding the languages of the UE countries.  
The next stop for today we decided to be at the Palace of Culture. This building is finding in the center of the city being the tallest in Poland, the eighth tallest building in the European Union. From 1955 to 1990 it was the tallest building in the present-day extent of the European Union. The building was originally known as the Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki imienia Józefa Stalina), but in the wake of destalinization the dedication to Stalin was revoked; Stalin's name was removed from the interior lobby and one of the building's sculptures. It is now the 187th tallest building in the world. Here daily lots of tourists are enjoying from the upper parts of this building the view of the entire Warsaw. But I and my friends, loving the adventure, tried to get to the top of this building by using the stairs (more than 30 floors). So you can imagine how we felt in the end of our “trip”. Unfortunately at the 30th floor the door was closed, so we, being disappointed, were about to go down back, but fortunately, we had access at the 29th floor. There we found a nice person that allowed us take picture with the view of the Warsaw from his office. It was amazing... In the end our efforts were fully rewarded.
I got back home tired but happy; today I really spent my time in a constructive wayJ.


My first “contact” with the Polish culture and style of life…

>> luni, 26 septembrie 2011

I was really excited to start my EVS project at the Centrum Rehabilitacji Educacji i Opieki Towarzystwa Przyjaciol Dzieci “Helenow”, Warsaw...
 After a long farewell with my family and friends; and after a tiring journey till the arrival point – the airport of Warsaw- me and my colleague Sergiu finally stepped on the land of the country where we were planned to live for 9 months. There we were welcomed by our wonderful mentors, our first Polish friends. All together we leaved the airport for the trip to my future house. I enjoyed this trip, because we crossed the entire city to get to the final point; so that, I pictured in my mind the first impression about the place what will be for me and for the other volunteers the second home. When I arrived to Helenow, I was very positively surprised of the green region in the middle of which it was finding. I met the other 3 apartment mates very great (Mari from Belgium, Diana from Portugal and Claudia from Germany); I was happy that I finally was “home”.
In the next days of September I have started to discover the school where I will volunteer, also the environments, the city center, the most important places/regions of Warsaw. Due to my mentor Hanka, in the first 3 weeks I visited the Planetarium of Warsaw (recently opened in the city), the Festival of Science, some art galleries and many other interesting events. She is trying all the best to make me feel well in her country, being very helpful and friendly.
Regarding the Polish food it seems to be almost the same as in my country; there are only some small differences concerning the tastes and the amount of spices. I am happy to have the food ready prepared for me; but in weekends it’s kind of impossible to follow the meals schedule 100% because in our free time we attend different activities out of our place of work, so, most of the time we eat away from home.
I also have Polish classes 2 times a week; I hope to speak normally in Polish very soon.
Generally speaking, my first contact with Poland was positive; and now my mission is to discover more and more this country.


Photovoice: ”Viața politică prin ochii femeii”

>> marți, 16 august 2011

Photovoice este o metodă de educație nonformală ce constă în sensibilizarea decidenților la nivel local sau guvernamental prin prezentarea de “fotografii vii” realizate de persoanele care au motivația de a schimba ceva în comunitatea lor. Mai mult decît a prezenta opinii și valori, photovoice este o metodă ce conduce la conștientizarea unei situații prin intermediul discuțiilor de pe marginea fotografiilor.
Am experimentat și noi această metodă în cadrul proiectului ”Prin greutăți spre un viitor mai luminos!” (Soros-Moldova, Sida). Deși a fost primul proiect de acest gen, s-au obținut rezultate interesante. Am început aplicarea metodei Photovoice printr-un training de instruire care s-a desfăşurat în două module: primul modul avînd loc în perioada 28-29 mai 2011; al doilea modul -  în perioada 25-26 iunie 2011. Locul desfăşurării: CRT Iuventa, satul Flocoasa. La această instruire au participat 20 de femei din comuna Ciobalaccia: 8 femei din grupul de iniţiativă creat în proiectul de faţă şi alte 12 femei din comună. În cadrul primului modul s-a discutat în jurul următoarelor subiecte: introducere în metoda photovoice, managementul procesului de photovoice, etape în implementarea metodei, despre impactul metodei, introducere în arta fotografiei, mari fotografi ai timpurilor, tehnici de fotografiere. Femeile au fost instruite cum să realizeze fotografii profesioniste. Tot în primul modul participantele au avut ocazia de a lucra în grupuri mai mici pentru a realiza fotografii referitor la tema „viaţa politică prin ochii femeii” şi de a găsi povestea care stă în spatele fotografiei prezentate. În perioada dintre module participantele au avut drept sarcină să realizeze cît mai multe fotografii cu privire la viaţa politică prin ochii femeii. Tot în această perioadă, în grupuri mici de 2-3 persoane s-a punctat, împreună cu autoarele, povestea fiecărei fotografii selectate pentru expoziţia finală. În cel de-al doilea modul participantele s-au întîlnit şi au amenajat un perete de la CRT Iuventa şi unul de la Oficiul de Sănătate din comună cu fotografiile realizate în urma acestui training de photovoice pentru expoziţie. La finele expoziției au fost înmînate diplome de participare participantelor la training, s-a discutat despre subiectul expoziţiei, oamenii prezenţi fiind foarte impresionaţi de mesajele fotografiilor. Acest training le-a ajutat pe femeile participante să cunoască o altă metodă de a se face auzite şi de sensibilizare a comunităţii şi a decidenţilor. Ele au conştientizat încă o dată împortanţa egalităţii de şanse de la nivel de conducere.



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