On-arriving training

>> marți, 11 octombrie 2011

Last week was one of the best since I’ve been here in Warsaw due to my participation to the on-arrival training, in the framework of my EVS project. Before going there I heard only good thoughts about this training, so I set myself on huge expectations, which in the end, happen to become true. The on-arrival training took place in a cozy and friendly location named “Agricola”, situated very close to the city center (Warsaw) and other important touristic points like the Łazienki Park (where there are many cultural and traditional traces), the National Stadium, one of the Botanic Gardens, etc.
For this training, the Polish National Agency invited 20 international volunteers from Armenia, Turkey, Moldova, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Georgia, Belgium, Indonesia, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia and Russia, working in different projects in Poland. Therefore the present youth brought with them experience to share and good disposition. During the training activities the two wonderful trainers Wojtek and Tomek underlined some subjects important for the EVS project (health insurance, how the EVS project is working, etc.) using different interesting methods that made me enjoy the process of learning; one of them was the task to create our own so called “website” where we had to show all about our project in which we are involved at present. In the end we could see, clearly and shortly information about all the projects of the present youth.
Regarding the free time I can say that it was simply awesome. Me and my colleagues visited lots of cultural, beautiful and interesting places. I discovered again the night life in Warsaw and we had fun.
At the end of the training the organizers tried to surprise us (and they managed). They organized for us a final dinner, at a big table, with a great traditional live and interactive music, dance, songs. I felt really good, and I liked very much this surprise.
Now I am looking forward to meeting my friends somehow, somewhere again.

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