Discovering Wroclaw

>> vineri, 18 noiembrie 2011

After I read and heard such positive words and stories about Wroclaw - the city with the most beautiful architecture from the entire country of Poland - I decided to join my friends in order to explore its fascinating belongings.

My trip began last week, on Friday when I took the Polski Bus around 8 AM. It was very cold outside, and I had to wait almost one hour to enter the bus and be ready for the departure. When I reached my place I was really pleasantly surprised. It was too comfortable for the price I paid for the ticketJ; if my eyes were closed I could have been sure that I am in the plane (I heard the same welcoming from the on board voice that you usually hear while flyingJ). After 7 very long hours, my friends and I arrived at the destination point, accompanied by our huge luggage.
We settled in a very nice youth hostel situated near the city center, at our friends from Wroclaw; they were very welcoming being also our best guides during our stay there (especially Andy from England).
On the first day I didn’t manage to do so many things, because I arrived in the evening, but I managed to attend one of the most dangerous manifestations that are taking place every year during the national day of Poland, in every big city. I went there ruled by curiosity; I really didn’t know that it would be so violent. All around you could see fires flying in the sky and going down in the flock and a big number of policemen. It was horrible, but I could feel the adrenaline running in my veins…
On the next day I, Diana, Marie and our unpaid “guide” Andy started to explore the beauty and mystery of Wroclaw. We visited many interesting touristic points such as: Rynek (Market Square), the Solny Square, the Cathedral Island, the University of Wroclaw, the covered market, the National Museum, and a lot of beautiful churches. On Sunday I and Diana also visited the Hala Ludowa (Centenary or Centennial Hall), the Japanese Botanical Garden and, of course… we had some shopping time :P (our passion J ).
Besides the city discovery, I also experienced once again some more traditional Polish food and, finally, hot bear in some nice places recommended by our local friends.
I really don’t have any regrets that I had with this trip: I met new interesting people, I experienced new positive feelings. I enjoyed it hugely… but… in the end, I missed my life back in Warsaw J.

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