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>> vineri, 2 decembrie 2011

It’s amazing how some specific activities can change one’s life for the better, especially when it is about something desired and understood by the subjects.  Some of these activities happen to have a kind of therapeutic influence on the humans’ lifestyle, personality, thinking, etc. that`s why,with time,they received the name of "therapy". As I have mentioned in my previous posts, there are many types of therapies and today I chose to speak about the art therapy, which represents the focus on the psychotherapeutic transference process between the therapist and the person who makes art. At Helenow the art therapy is very much loved by students, not only because they have the chance to create and communicate something through their works, but also due to the contact with the most energetic, open minded, lovely, friendly and professional therapist – Liliana Zalewska – with whom I am going to talk further to this article.

Me: Since when have you worked at Helenow as an art therapist?
Liliana: I started my work inside of the Helenow Rehabilitation Center in 2008, but as an art therapist I have worked since this September.

Me: Of what consists the art therapy activity organized by you?
Liliana: During the art therapy children are doing different kinds of activities that help them to exercise their hands muscles such as: drawing, painting, building, breaking, cutting, etc. Students also create objects of different forms, showing up their creativity. When the class ends we have very nice works the children are proud of. Every class has a specific theme of activity that invites the students to explore new topics, new styles of art, pleasure and fun.

Me: what are the advantages of this therapy?
Liliana: First of all, during this activity we are creating good conditions for a better communication between child and therapist. This activity helps our beneficiaries to process their emotions and feelings, to take a decision, to improve various mental and physical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension.  Students are exercising their hands, and they practice their ability to catch. Also they can easily differentiate the colours, the shapes, the materials from what they create. And why not, they have a lot of fun during the lesson.

Me: How many students are typically coming to each session?
Liliana: Depends on the day, but in general, the art therapy activity is attended by 4-8 students.

Me: What are the final works done by children at this activity?
Liliana: They are creating postcards for holidays (for Christmas, Easter), flowers, frames for pictures, animals, original boxes, jewelries, angels, Christmas trees, different objects (for contests).At present they are creating some works for our sponsors who are helping our centre.

Me: What are your wishes for the readers for the coming saint holidays?
Liliana: I wish that all you have peace in your souls; that your smiling never ends, a lot of patience, and everything you wish to come true. Also I wish you have enough snow to make possible the coming of Santa ClausJ.

Me: Thank you very much!

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un blog interesant, felicitari am citit cateva postrai cu multa placere

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