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>> duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Some words about the host organization wherein I am volunteering…

It is a complex of institutions providing education, treatment and welfare for children, youth and adults. The scope of the host organization activities includes the support and rehabilitation of disabled people at different ages as well as the training of specialists to work with disabled and socially excluded people. The Centre specializes in treatment of children with Central Nervous System dysfunctions and cerebral palsy among them.
The organization is situated in Miedzylesie, which is a quiet suburban district in Warsaw. Location in mostly residential area with forest just behind the fence and convenient communication with the city centre makes it a very attractive and comfortable place to live.
The Centre consists of the following institutions:
- Special Education and Treatment Centre of the Society of Children’s Friends (Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczo-Rehabilitacyjny TPD);
- Specialist After School Centre of the Society of Children’s Friends (Pozaszkolna Placowka Specjalistyczna TPD);
- Autonomous Special Secondary School of the Society of Children’s Friends (Niepubliczne Liceum Ogolnokszta TPD);
- Autonomous Health Care Centre (Niepubliczny Zaklad Opieki Zdrowotnej);
- Prevention and Developmental Support Centre (Pracownia Profilaktyki i Wspomagania Rozwoju);
- Group of Public Special Schools (Zespo Szko Specjalnych);
- Graduate Club (Klub Absolwenta).
All units of the Centre cooperate very closely and support each other to provide complex care to children and young people under its charge. Currently in the framework of the host organization there are about 130 pupils and 34 technical workers. All staff members are adequately educated and experienced.
In present this organization hosts 4 volunteers (2 from Moldova, 1 from Portugal, and 1 from Germany). The work of the volunteers is divided in many sectors in order to be given the possibility to the volunteers to experience their work in all the departments existing in this area like: hippotherapy, graduate club, PPS and different kind of therapies. Till now, after some small discrepancies,  there were made some proper changes in the volunteers’ working schedule, everyone having now, more or less, a desired place and program of working.
What I like the most here is the wonderful relation between me and the students and teachers. Everyone is open-minded, all the time ready to help me and share experience and good disposition. My students are my best Polish teachers, everyday teaching me how to pronounce correctly some words, some phrases in Polish, demonstrating a great patience towards my language mistakesJ. Now, after 2 months, due to them, I can understand pretty well Polish, and I even can speak being understood. My heart is full of positive emotions when I am doing my voluntary work in the framework of this organization.

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