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>> marți, 13 decembrie 2011

In the period 7-11 December (this year), in Brussels, inside the Hotel of Waterman, took place the Young Citizen's Assembly that gathered more than 40 active youth from all over the world. This activity was organized by the Bureau International Jeunesse and DG Education and Culture of the European Commission, program “Youth in Action” (National Agency). This activity allowed me to meet many interesting youth (with whom we shared our experience from our working fields); to discuss more on the “human rights” issue in a creative way; to rediscover the Belgium food and drinks; to speak in the same time French, English, Russian, Romanian and Polish :P.

Hela :)
One of the wonderful youth that I met there is Hela Ben Salem from Tunisia with whom I had a talk about her experience and successes in the organization where she works.

Hela, as a Law student and an activist, stressed the importance of being active and involved in as many social networks as possible a fact that will allow to all the Tunisian citizens to live in a democratic society. She would like to build a career in the social field, to be active and useful for her country. So far, Hela is a member of some feminist and youth organizations; as well being a member of the national youth committee and of the Tunisian association of ONU (recently created ).

After the Tunisian uprising, a lot of organizations have appeared (representing the civil society) that are helping Tunisia to be more democratic. Their aim is to sensitize the youth and integrate them in many social networks (to make them active). Although the civil society has other roles, one of them is to represent the link between the citizen of the country and the government. Now Tunisians have the possibility to make their voice be heard without putting their lives in danger.

Recently, Hela has been involved in a big project regarding women`s empowerment in politics. The project aim was to encourage the participation of the women in the political field. Before the project implementation there was a big gap regarding the rapport of the women and men’s participation in politics. The most important steps for achieving the aim of this project were to discuss (before the elections) with the Tunisian Parties to integrate women in their election lists on the electable places. It was not that simple. They had to put some pressure on the national parties, and make obligatory the presence of women within the government. One of the positive results of this project is that after the elections women represented 24% of the government. Of course, this percentage is very low; but they will struggle till they (will) reach the 50/50. It will take a lot of time of course to change the human’s mentality regarding the involvement of the women in politics.

At present, Hela’s organization objective is to sensitize all the women to participate as candidate at the future elections, to be powerful, to make a career of it, etc.

Hela is very happy to say that after the implementation of their project, the women became more interested and active in the public field; they fight with courage for their rights, they think that the public field is also important to be represented by the women. She said me that the women’s situation in Tunisia is better than that of other Muslim countries. Tunisians have already prohibited the polygamy; there the gender discrimination is less now. Of course, other good results will come with time.

Concerning the future of her country, my friend is sure that they will not
go back to a dictator regime, the civil society being very vigilant for reaching the democracy in every field. During their history they didn’t have a good democratic situation being colonized by other world big powers; so this is a good chance to start to live on their own. For her, the future seems to be just brilliant.

As I 
have said so many times that with such active and peaceful young people, our life on this earth will improve day by day. It is only a matter of time and to trust in a better life…

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