Polish Evening in Warsaw

>> marți, 20 decembrie 2011

It’s amazing how the winter holidays arrival can make people happier, more empathic, creative and full of good energy with the will to endow the light of hope in others hearts and minds. Last week, on Saturday, I met two of these energetic persons (who managed to spread their good mood and enthusiasm) - Justyna Frydrych and Kamil Rzepecki. They implemented a small but very nice project with the name “Lately Polish your Polish”, having as beneficiaries current and past EVS volunteers from abroad and from Poland (one of those lucky persons was MEJ). The aim of this project was to gather present and past volunteers who are working/ have worked in Poland and create for them good conditions to share some practices and knowledge; also to let them taste from the Polish culture once again.

The activity took part inside a nice peaceful place, but one that was quite well hidden through the buildings, not far from the metro station Gdansk, in Warsaw, of course. It took some time to find it, even for Sergiu Brovinski - the best “map specialist”:P. Although most of the invited persons got a bit lost, in the end, all of them arrived safely at the destination point – Herba Thea (I was asking in the street about this place, and the people thought that I was trying to buy some tea and I was searching for a supermarket

At this event I met with volunteers that I`d already known before, having met them during some other activities, also I met new friends nearby with whom I had enjoyed the whole evening.

One of the most interesting parts, that I liked the most, was the fascinating performance of the Warsaw School of Economics folk group. It was really great! They were dressed in a Polish traditional outfit, singing and dancing some works from their traditions; and also they involved all of us in their program. I liked a lot dancing in a “Polish way”. After the performance we savoured a traditional Polish meal with “barszcz” and “pierogi” and had a long talk, then after that, we went out clubbingJ.

That evening was great; it represented the beginning of a new period full of nice surprises and the start of a good news week.

PS: Special thanks for Phillippe Louis from UK :)

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